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New Products For November

Clenbuterol (La Pharma)
Clenbuterol (La Phar
Package- each tablets 0,02mg (200 tabs) Active substance-methandienone...
Hygetropin HGH
Hygetropin HGH
Package- 200 iu (8iu/vial) Active substance-somatropin...
Package- each tablets 100mg (4 tabs) Active substance-sildenafil-citrate...

PREGNYL 3 x 5000 I.U
PREGNYL 3 x 5000 I.U
Package- 3 x 5000 I.U Active substance-gonadotropin...
Omnadren 250
Omnadren 250
Package-250mg/ml (5 amps/1ml) Active substance-testosterone-mix Omnadren 250 is an oil-based injectable containin...
Oxandrolone (SB Labs)
Oxandrolone (SB Labs
Package-10mg/tab (50 tablets) Active substance-oxandrolone Description : The available information show , that ...

Oxytone (SB Labs)
Oxytone (SB Labs)
Package-50mg/tab (100 tablets) Active substance-oxymetholone Characteristics: Oxymetholone is without a doubt...
Stanozolol 10 Tablets (LA Pharma)
Stanozolol 10 Tablet
Package-10mg/tab (100 tablets) Active substance-stanozolol This is another one of the popular ones. Next to Dec...
Package-50mcg/tab (100 tablets) Active substance-liothyronine-sodium ...

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